Tim Phillips

Your walk 'n' talk coach and guide

Life is often confusing

walk 'n' talk brings clarity and direction

No need to fly to Australia

You walk 'n' talk in safe, walkable environments,
a long way from poisonous snakes and spiders!

Is every edge dangerous?

walk 'n' talk shows you how far you can really go

Clear your mind!

walk 'n' talk helps you clear your mind,
and breathe fresh air into your thoughts.

walk 'n' talk - helps you to help yourself

walk 'n' talk is for people in business who have the need to talk through an issue, gain a different perspective, or discover new options.

Walking through some glorious Rheinland countryside with a friendly stranger as your guide, himself experienced in the rocky road of business life, walk 'n' talk offers you a pleasurable and beneficial way of solving your issues in English or in German.

walk 'n' talk gets your thoughts out in the open

The Approach

The Approach
Looking for a different kind of coaching?

walk 'n' talk is more than a breath of fresh air.

The Walk

The Walk

Where will you go?

What do you need to take?

The Guide

The Guide
Who's your guide?